Procesamiento u metales le. Yéetel nuxi' yaan & Máaxo'ob ku equipado

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Pipa acero inoxidable – 304. 304 Pipa acero inoxidable le beetike' uts utia'al aplicaciones estructurales tu'ux asab muuk' yéetel superior resistencia ti' le corrosión k'a'abet.

Co u xooko'obo' u acero inoxidable u Foshan Jinsuiying,.Ltd

K empresa, Xooko'obo' acero inoxidable Co., Ltd u Foshan Jinsuiying, j-establecido tu enero u,2014.

Leti' jump'éel empresa ku yaan u poseer le fábrica yéetel u especializa ti' le fabricación tubos acero inoxidable soldado yéetel autógena incluyendo tubos rectángulo, báapaachil, tubos yéetel tubos redondos ti' jejeláas tamaños. Tak le establecimiento k compañía, Ts'o'ok k yaax yaantal beetik esfuerzos utia'al u producir le yik'áalil le clientes satisfacen yéetel.

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Tuláakal, tak bares, Tubos, Tubería & Placas. A t'aani' yéetel to'on bejla'e'! Ti' máax ku To'one' utia'al juntúul cotización.

Where are stainless steel decorative tubes used more?

Stainless steel decorative pipes are used in a wide range of applications. They are not only used for decorative applications, such as automobile modification and accessory production, but also home improvement and building materials, building construction, and environmental beautification. It can be found in applications ranging from daily life to aviation chemical industry. Where are the stainless steel decorative pipes used? The following 3 places actually account for more than 90% of its applications: 2. Public equipment The demand for stainless steel decorative pipes in public facilities is also increasing. With the rapid development of the country’s economy, the country’s annual investment in public charity can be described as huge. The demand for public facilities such as stainless steel fences, stainless steel guardrails, street lamps, and humanistic decorative landscapes is also growing rapidly. Beey xan, our country is vigorously developing public transportation, and it is believed that the demand for stainless steel pipes in public transportation will gradually exceed furniture decoration in the future.

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How can buy a suitable stainless steel decorative tube?

As a stainless steel decorative pipe manufacturer, Foshan Jinsuiying Stainless Steel Co. Ltd. has produced stainless steel decorative pipes of various specifications, thicknesses and materials since its establishment in 2003. If you want to buy suitable stainless steel pipes, we recommends that you start with the following aspects:   1. Geographical location of use: Coastal areas or areas with more pollution are recommended to use 304 stainless steel decorative pipes or even 316L stainless steel pipes, which are not easy to rust and have a longer service life.

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