Procesamiento u metales le. Yéetel nuxi' yaan & Máaxo'ob ku equipado

Recepción k compañía
Pipa acero inoxidable – 304. 304 Pipa acero inoxidable le beetike' uts utia'al aplicaciones estructurales tu'ux asab muuk' yéetel superior resistencia ti' le corrosión k'a'abet.

Co u xooko'obo' u acero inoxidable u Foshan Jinsuiying,.Ltd

K empresa, Xooko'obo' acero inoxidable Co., Ltd u Foshan Jinsuiying, j-establecido tu enero u,2014.

Leti' jump'éel empresa ku yaan u poseer le fábrica yéetel u especializa ti' le fabricación tubos acero inoxidable soldado yéetel autógena incluyendo tubos rectángulo, báapaachil, tubos yéetel tubos redondos ti' jejeláas tamaños. Tak le establecimiento k compañía, Ts'o'ok k yaax yaantal beetik esfuerzos utia'al u producir le yik'áalil le clientes satisfacen yéetel.

Túumben peksil t'aano'ob u

Tuláakal, tak bares, Tubos, Tubería & Placas. A t'aani' yéetel to'on bejla'e'! Ti' máax ku To'one' utia'al juntúul cotización.

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Today we have loaded a 40HQ sea container: Loaded Products: 201 Stainless steel welded round/square/rectangular pipes with different sizes Length:6000mm Surface finish: 600# Polish Destination: Afghanistan Our SS welded pipes are very popular in South Asia and Middle East coz we have the best quality and reasonable prices!🥰 We welcome new customers to establish long-term business relationships with us in the near future!

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Big thick tube, milk tube, Jin Suiying! Executive Chairman Li Qiang and his entourage visited Jin Suiying Chairman Chen Shujian

On the morning of September 14th, 2020, Li Qiang, Executive Chairman of Foshan Metal Materials Industry Association, Zhou Tian, Acting Secretary-General, and Yang Lingling, Secretary, went to Gaoming District to visit Chen Shujian, Chairman of Foshan Jinsuiying Stainless Steel Material Co., Ltd., the vice chairman unit. Report on the work of the association, exchange market trends, and invite Chairman Chen to attend the eleventh meeting of the stainless steel water pipe high-end forum and attend the 2020 stainless steel water pipe and gas pipe conference. Jinsuiying mainly produces thick stainless steel welded pipes and milk pipes. It is adjacent to Guangdong Shuangxing New Material Group Co., Ltd., and is one of the most modern stainless steel welded pipe production facilities and production capabilities in Foshan and even across the country. Welcome the customers come to get inquiry of our pipes, we must try our best to meet your need👊✊

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