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Why is there an tolerance in the weight of stainless steel pipe?
Why is there an tolerance in the weight of stainless steel pipe?
In the past, customers would ask: What if there is an tolerance in the weighing of this truck? Doesn't your decorative tube manufacturer leave the factory according to the actual weight? Yes, all the stainless steel pipes of the decorative pipe manufacturer Jinsuiying Stainless Steel are manufactured according to the actual weighing weight. Of course, some professional decorative pipe manufacturers that make large or small pipes sell them on a per-piece basis. There is no problem when stainless steel pipes are shipped according to their actual weight, and what customers worry about is the weight error. In fact, the weight error of stainless steel pipes is inseparable from the procurement of raw materials.
The weight tolerance of a single piece of stainless steel pipe is related to the purchase of raw materials, the second is related to the rolling of the steel strip, and the third is the decorative pipe manufacturer. If the steel strip is inferior, the content of various elements in it will be uneven and unstable. The rolling time is not strict with the rolling plant, and the uniform thickness of the rolling and the thickness tolerance range of the rolling cannot be guaranteed. Then the whole strip of such a stainless steel pipe steel strip may be The thickness is different everywhere, how can this keep the tolerance small? Speaking of the third is related to the decorative tube manufacturers, because some decorative tube manufacturers are greedy for cheap materials and have low requirements on the selection of raw materials and the workmanship of the calendering plant. Of course, many manufacturers have corresponding standards for the weight tolerance of a single stainless steel tube, but the standards are different.
Therefore, in order to ensure that the average single weight tolerance of a stainless steel pipe that meets the standard is within a certain range, every link from the selection of refining furnace steel belts to strict rolling thickness requirements to later pipe production is very important. Every link can predict whether the error of this stainless steel pipe is within the standard range.
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