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Why do decorative pipe manufacturers do stainless steel fixed-length pipes?
Why do decorative pipe manufacturers do stainless steel fixed-length pipes?
Generally speaking, the stainless steel pipes we see in the stainless steel market are basically 6 meters long. This is also a long-established rule in the stainless steel pipe industry. However, as the needs of customers are different, many pipe manufacturers have various fixed-length lengths. Order.
In fact, fixed-length pipes are different lengths of steel pipes. Originally, the length of the pipe produced by the pipe-making machine is 6 meters to automatically cut and drop the pipe. However, if the fixed-length pipe is made, you need to place an order and notify the production in advance, so that it can be used when the pipe is manufactured. Adjust the length of automatic cutting in advance. The appearance of the fixed-length tube is to meet the needs of customers to save costs. Assuming that the tube purchased by the customer is used to make the drying tube in the rice flour loosening machine, it only needs a length of 1.3 meters, so the common length of 6 meters can only be cut in four sections. 1.3 meters, the remaining 0.8 meters will be wasted, but if the fixed-length tube order is directly 5.2 meters, it will reduce the cost of waste.
Of course, for the manufacturers of stainless steel pipes, fixed-length pipes will increase the corresponding cost. This is because the length of the fixed-length pipes is not only customized, but the quantity is also required. It is difficult to make one less customer order, and more customer orders are not. It can't be used up if needed, so the number of fixed-length tubes is difficult to control.
Making stainless steel fixed-length pipes not only meets the different needs of customers, but also saves costs for customers. At the same time, it expands the application fields of stainless steel pipes and attracts more customers who need stainless steel pipe cutting lengths or customized lengths.
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