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Which effect is better for 304 stainless steel pipe after drawing or mirror?
Which effect is better for 304 stainless steel pipe after drawing or mirror?
In fact, whether it is 304 stainless steel wire drawing pipe or mirror polished pipe, it belongs to the category of stainless steel surface treatment. Different surface effects and properties determine that the two have different use scenarios. If you compare which is better, let's first understand and see two The processing principle of the author!
1. Mirror stainless steel pipe refers to a pipe whose surface is as bright as a mirror after being physically polished. The mirror grade has 6k, 8k, and refined 8k grades.
2. The surface of brushed stainless steel is divided into short wire and long wire according to the texture, and the roughness value Ra is divided.
Brushed stainless steel (short wire) is mostly used in the shells, frames, cabinets, boxes, and tanks of various equipment, and is also often used as equipment inner tanks and cavities that require high surface cleanliness and roughness. In the case of priority requirements for roughness, it is recommended to use short-filament-effect brushed pipes.
The brushed stainless steel (filament) is processed by the filament drawing, and the surface has a very fine linear texture and a special metal texture. It is mostly used in equipment frames, elevator cars, various door panels/guards, etc. Therefore, if you have more requirements for appearance, you can choose the drawing effect according to your specific needs.
After understanding the principles and effects of the two, we can clearly know that mirror stainless steel pipes will have better smoothness, better brightness and reflectivity than brushed stainless steel pipes, so they are affected by many manufacturers (such as tanks, boxes, Cabinets, kitchenware, digital appliances) and engineering companies (indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration, public works, etc.).
But if you ask which is better, there is no accurate answer. You need to determine which surface treatment stainless steel pipe to use according to specific requirements!
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