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Where to use 304 stainless steel pipe
Where to use 304 stainless steel pipe
There are many kinds of stainless steel pipes on the market now, and the main materials are 201, 304, 316 and so on. The better the quality, the higher the price. When we choose stainless steel pipes, due to the different scope of use, the selected materials are also different, and we strive to spend less money to achieve our main purpose.
Jinsuiying 304 stainless steel pipe can be used in the following areas:
Bathroom, kitchen. In life, the bathroom is humid and the kitchen is full of soot. Therefore, 304 stainless steel must be used in these two places to ensure that stainless steel products do not rust.
High-rise water supply areas. Generally, the working pressure of high-rise water supply system is very high, and 304 stainless steel pipe has strong tensile strength, and the possibility of water leakage under the action of external force is very small. It is the material of choice for high-rise water supply system.
Coastal areas. Due to the sea breeze in the coastal areas, the corrosiveness is strong, and the choice of stainless steel pipe must choose 304 stainless steel pipe, and the use of 201 stainless steel pipe will quickly rust.
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