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What specifications of pipes will be used in engineering stainless steel water pipes?

With the widespread use of stainless steel water pipes, more and more building water supply pipe installations and old water pipe changes are gradually adopting stainless steel water pipes for water supply. It can be seen that the era of "steel instead of plastic" is already underway. Then, if the engineering stainless steel What specifications of pipes will be used for water pipe installation? Get to know it together.
The pipes used in engineering stainless steel water pipes are generally from DN15 to DN100, of which DN15 is mainly used for direct drinking water pipes, DN20 is for indoor cold and hot water pipes, and DN25 to DN100 and above are used for main pipes and main pipes, and in the pump room The stainless steel water pipes installed will use around DN60~DN100.
At the same time, for these engineering stainless steel water pipes of different specifications, the specifications of the connected fittings are also controlled in the range of DN15-DN100. The pipe fittings can be used in compression type/ring pressure type, socket welding pipe fittings, groove pipe fittings, flange pipe fittings, and , Flange pipe fittings are also used, such as DN100 large pipes, and these projects include high-end residential areas, hotels, hospitals, etc.

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