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What should I pay attention to when bending 304 stainless steel pipe?
What should I pay attention to when bending 304 stainless steel pipe?
304 stainless steel pipe is a hollow round steel, which is widely used in various architectural decoration fields such as staircase handrails, fence railings, courtyard gates and so on. In the bending process, it is required to be smooth, accurate in angle, not bursting, etc. Today, I will introduce the bending process of 304 stainless steel pipe.
Process difficulties
During processing, the friction between the workpiece and the tool will generate high heat, which is easy to wear the tool. Therefore, the requirements for tool materials are relatively strict, which require wear resistance and high temperature resistance. And also to satisfy the sharp edge.
The processing speed is slower, because the force will be greater during cutting, resulting in low production efficiency. In addition, due to the high calorific value, it is necessary to choose a good cooling oil, usually sulfur chloride, which will have a better effect.
The most difficult part is actually drilling deep holes and tapping. Therefore, when processing 304 stainless steel pipes, workers must have excellent experience and skills.
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