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What should be paid attention to when bending 304 stainless steel pipe?(2)
What should be paid attention to when bending 304 stainless steel pipe?(2)
Process difficulties
During machining, the friction between the workpiece and the tool will generate high heat, which is easy to wear the tool. Therefore, the requirements for tool materials are relatively strict, which requires wear resistance and high temperature resistance. And also meet the sharp edge.
The machining speed is slow, because the force during cutting will be large, resulting in low production efficiency. In addition, due to the high calorific value, it is necessary to choose a good cooling oil, usually using sulfur chloride, which will have better results.
The hardest part is actually drilling deep holes and tapping. Therefore, when processing 304 stainless steel pipes, the experience and skills of workers must be excellent.
The normal requirements for the R of the round pipe bend are: the radius of the bending core (center line) R ≥ 1.5~2 times the diameter, if the R angle is too small, the R angle part of the pipe will be flattened.
The bending R angle of the same pipe should generally be kept consistent, so as to meet the consistency of the wheel die. The length of the straight side of the elbow is required to be ≥2 times the diameter, otherwise the elbow die cannot be smoothly clamped.
Process holes: For pipes involved in welding, it is necessary to reserve process holes to discharge welding slag.
Machinability: First of all, we should pay attention to the processability of 304 stainless steel pipes. Stainless steel has large plasticity and high toughness during cutting, consumes large energy during cutting, and has high cutting temperature. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel is low. rise. Stainless steel has strong bonding and welding properties, and it is easy to generate built-up edge during cutting. Stainless steel has a strong tendency to work hardening, and it is easy to form a hardened layer on the cutting surface.
Stainless steel is not easy to break chips, and it will block when cutting, which will affect the finish of the stainless steel surface.
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