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What problems should be paid attention to when buying stainless steel special-shaped pipes?
What problems should be paid attention to when buying stainless steel special-shaped pipes?
The more common stainless steel special-shaped pipes in life usually include: elliptical pipes, in addition to stainless steel fan-shaped pipes, stainless steel triangular pipes, stainless steel trough pipes, and stainless steel trapezoidal pipes.
Consumers can judge through the surface quality inspection when purchasing stainless steel special-shaped pipes, mainly the inspection of materials, appearance, shape, and surface defects. The surface defects of special-shaped pipes are mainly caused by improper operations such as production, transportation, loading and unloading, and storage. There are mainly the following 14 kinds.
1. Curvature: Bend is the general term for the rolled material that is not straight and curved in the length or width direction. If the degree of their unevenness is expressed by numbers, it is called curvature;
2. Sickle bend: refers to the bend along the length (narrow side) of metal plates, strips and shapes close to the rectangular cross-section. One side has a concave curve and the other has a convex curve. It is called a sickle bend. Height representation;
3, surface cracks: mainly refers to the cracks on the surface of the stainless steel special-shaped pipe;
4, including injury: refers to the surface of the material is straight or arc-shaped groove marks can usually be seen at the bottom of the groove;
5, bonding: the mutual adhesion between layers and points, lines and surfaces of metal plates, foils, and strips during rolling and annealing. After being opened, there are traces of bonding on the surface, which is called bonding;
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