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What problems should be paid attention to when buying stainless steel special-shaped pipes?
What problems should be paid attention to when buying stainless steel special-shaped pipes?
The more common stainless steel special-shaped pipes in life usually include: elliptical pipes, in addition to stainless steel fan-shaped pipes, stainless steel triangular pipes, stainless steel trough pipes, and stainless steel trapezoidal pipes.
Consumers can judge through the surface quality inspection when purchasing stainless steel special-shaped pipes, mainly the inspection of materials, appearance, shape, and surface defects. The surface defects of special-shaped pipes are mainly caused by improper operations such as production, transportation, loading and unloading, and storage. There are mainly the following 14 kinds:
6. Folding: It is a kind of surface defect formed in the process of hot rolling of stainless steel special-shaped tube metal. The bimetallic layers folded on each other on the surface are overlapped in a straight line or a curve;
7. Subcutaneous bubbles: The surface of metal materials presents irregular distribution of different sizes, different shapes, small round bumps around, and ruptured bumps that are chicken-foot-shaped cracks or tongue-shaped scars, which are called bubbles;
8. Ovality: Metal materials with circular cross-sections have different diameters in all directions on the same cross-section. The ovality is expressed by the difference between the largest and smallest diameters on the same section, and the standards for different materials are different;
9. Scooping curvature: refers to the simultaneous appearance of high and low undulating waves in the length and width directions of the plate or belt, forming a sloping curvature, which is called the slalom curvature. The value indicating the degree of curvature is called the degree of curvature;
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