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What is the function of stainless steel railings?

The stainless steel guardrail structure is generally divided into a main pole and a column, and the main pole is often called the main pipe (for example, the handrail of the staircase guardrail is what we call the main pipe). The column can also be called a riser, which is used to support the main pipe. The wall thickness of the supervisor is 1.2mm according to the national standard. Stainless steel guardrails are often seen in life, such as stair guardrails, balcony guardrails, bridge guardrails and so on. Stainless steel guardrail has many advantages, so it has been widely popularized. Stainless steel guardrails often seen in life include staircase guardrails, and balcony guardrails are made of stainless steel.
Be sure to check its thickness during installation, and don't be pitted by others. In addition, the wall thickness of the riser should be above 0.7mm, because the installation of the riser is more complicated.
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