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What are the specifications of stainless steel pipes commonly used to process drying racks?
What are the specifications of stainless steel pipes commonly used to process drying racks?
Household drying racks are commonly used items. In the past, most of the drying racks were made of aluminum alloy. Now many of them are replaced with stainless steel. So what are the specific pipe specifications used?
The steel pipes used for drying racks can generally be stainless steel pipes for decoration. The material is generally 201, and there are also 304 materials with higher quality requirements. There are generally two types of drying racks in our household. One is the type of drying racks for placing heavy objects such as movable, folding, and drying quilts on the balcony. The commonly selected pipes have a relatively large diameter, such as 47, 51, 60, and 63. Equal-caliber round pipes can also use square rectangular pipes, such as 38*25 rectangular pipes. The thickness is recommended to be 1.2 mm or more in actual thickness. This is mainly because the larger the diameter, the thicker the pipe is more durable.
The other is a simple drying rack that can hang clothes. Generally, small-diameter pipes are used, such as round pipes of 25, 32, and 38 calibers. Square pipes can also be used as rectangular pipes of 30*15 caliber. It is also recommended to have a solid thickness. The thickness is 0.9 mm and above, so the service life will be longer.
Regardless of the choice of material or specification for stainless steel drying racks, it is recommended to choose the appropriate material and specification according to the actual situation, but the thickness must be asked about the specific thickness.
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