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What are the pollution reasons that cause the rust of stainless steel pipes?
What are the pollution reasons that cause the rust of stainless steel pipes?
Stainless steel pipe is a kind of metal that is not easy to rust, but it is not a metal that does not rust. Due to different usage conditions or usage environment, it can also be contaminated and cause rust. Don't think that the stainless steel pipe building material does not rust, and neglect the daily maintenance. When the pollution and rust are serious, you should panic to take the removal measures. This kind of measure is the next strategy. So under what circumstances will stainless steel pipes be contaminated and cause rust? The stainless steel pipe manufacturer will give you a brief explanation:
1. When road construction, construction projects, or various vehicles are walking, they are attached to the scattered earth, sand, dust, iron powder, etc.
2. When it is contaminated by harmful substances such as sulfurous acid gas contained in the exhaust of cars, buses, etc.
3. It is polluted by dust and harmful components in exhaust from various industrial and mining waste incineration, building cooling and heating, etc.
4. Contaminated by corrosive gas produced in hot spring area.
5. Contaminated by the salt in the coastal sea breeze.
6. Contaminated by cleaning chemicals. Contaminated by hand prints and dirt.
7. Contaminated by the mucous membrane for surface protection.
The above conditions may cause stainless steel pipes to rust. Therefore, stainless steel pipes sometimes rust, but as long as maintenance is done frequently, the original beauty of stainless steel pipes can be maintained forever.
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