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What are the contents of the stainless steel pipe stamp?
What are the contents of the stainless steel pipe stamp?
1. Material identification.
Whether it is 201, 304 or 316, many stainless steel pipe bodies will have these marks, some are direct numbers, some are used grades, and some start with the Japanese standard sus, but they will all be printed, so that the steel seal of the body can be clear to the end. What material is it made of.
2. Brand trademark logo.
Like the material identification, this is also the content that stainless steel pipe manufacturers will stamp on the pipe body, which is the need for brand promotion.
3. Specification and model identification.
It should be said that there are many stainless steel pipe manufacturers that rarely print the specifications of the pipes. Basically, they are all specifications that are pasted on the outside of the packaging of the tube head. However, some manufacturers print them, but the quantity is very small.
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