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What are the characteristics of stainless steel industrial pipes?
What are the characteristics of stainless steel industrial pipes?
1. The stainless steel industrial pipe adopts 0.5-0.8mm thick-walled pipe fittings, which improves the overall heat exchange performance. Under the same total heat exchange area, the total thermal conductivity is 2.121-8.408% higher than that of air-conditioning copper pipes.
2. The stainless steel industrial pipe material is made of high-quality carbon steel stainless steel, which makes it have higher strength, and the strength and rigidity of the water pipe are obviously improved. Therefore, it has strong shock and earthquake resistance.
When manufacturing stainless steel industrial pipes, the temperature in the furnace must be carefully controlled. After the round tube billet is announced, it needs to be pierced by the working pressure punch. After the hole is opened, the round tube billet is rolled by three rollers in turn, which can be continuously rolled or extruded. After extrusion, remove the nozzle die to produce the pipe. Therefore, when people use stainless steel industrial pipes, they must do a good job of maintenance and maintenance to improve their service life and work efficiency.
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