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Very practical knowledge of stainless steel pipes (3)
Very practical knowledge of stainless steel pipes (3)
11. What does the furnace number mean?
Is equivalent to the production batch number of the product
12. What is a tolerance?
The allowable variation of the actual parameter value is the allowable error range
13. What is Scope?
It is the fixed length within a certain range, which is generally different from the indefinite length, such as 3-4 meters fixed length
14. What is intergranular corrosion?
A kind of local corrosion. Corrosion that spreads to the inside along the interface between metal grains
15. Is stainless steel magnetic?
In theory, austenitic stainless steel is non-magnetic, while martensitic and ferritic stainless steels are magnetic.
16. The advantages of stainless steel pipes compared to other materials?
The advantages of stainless steel are mainly resistance to common corrosion, beautiful material, and relatively cheap price
17. What kinds of states are there on the surface of stainless steel pipes?
There are several states such as polishing, pickling, sandblasting, etc.
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