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Very practical knowledge of stainless steel pipes (1)
Very practical knowledge of stainless steel pipes (1)
1. What is heat treatment
Heat treatment is a comprehensive process in which materials are heated, kept warm, and cooled in a certain medium, and their performance is controlled by changing the surface or internal structure of the material.
2. What are the inspections of stainless steel pipes?
Stainless steel pipe testing mainly includes chemical composition testing, physical performance testing and some additional quality testing (water pressure, eddy current, etc.)
3. What is tripartite testing
It is also called fair test, which refers to an object outside of two interrelated subjects. We call it a third party. The third party can be connected to the two subjects, or independent of the two subjects. It can be a third party (such as a full-time supervision and inspection agency) outside of the interests of the purchase and sale, acting as a fair and non-party, according to relevant Commodity inspection activities carried out by laws, standards or contracts.
4. How are the fees charged for three-party testing?
According to the different specifications of the inspected product, and there will be differences between each testing organization, you can wait for the confirmation of the goods before consulting the relevant testing company
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