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Use of high-precision stainless steel tubes
High-precision stainless steel pipe is a kind of pipe fittings with extremely high requirements on size, R angle, orifice roundness. For example, the length error needs to be controlled within 0.03mm. And this kind of stainless steel pipe can be divided into small diameter stainless steel pipe and conventional size pipe fittings, which are generally used in relatively special industries or precision equipment. Today, I will introduce the use of high-precision stainless steel pipes.
The outer diameter of the small diameter stainless steel pipe is generally 2.0~8.0mm, and the wall thickness is between 0.1~2.0mm.
1. It can be used for conduction in temperature sensors, pressure gauges, and instrumentation tubes
2. Car tail antenna tube, signal gain antenna, spectrum analyzer antenna, laptop computer antenna
3. Pen tube, core protection tube, pen tube shell in the pen industry
4. High-precision stainless steel pipes can also be used for cooling pipes and heat exchange coils
5. Electronic microtubes, optical fiber cable accessories, optical mixers
6. Electronic product parts and water outlet pipes of drinking fountains
The other is the conventional size high-precision stainless steel pipe, which is mostly used in equipment and industry; in addition to the precise size, it also pays attention to the cutting inclination angle, the roundness of the nozzle, and the verticality of the pipe body.
1. Structural pipe fittings for food machinery equipment and biochemical equipment
2. Water purification equipment, air purifier
3. Ceramic, textile, electroplating machinery and equipment
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