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The role of stainless steel flanges in pipelines

When using stainless steel flange connection, people prefer to use the flange as a two-stage interface instead of directly connecting with a pipeline. Compared with direct pipelines, stainless steel flanges are safer and more reliable, with stronger connections. The working method of the stainless steel flange is to connect two pairs of stainless steel flanges to the pipe ports to be connected respectively, and then use the flange to connect the two pipes. So why not connect directly, but use a flange in the middle?
The first is that the interface is easily damaged, and the use of flanges can maintain a high degree of sealing and durability.
Secondly, if a wire flange is used, it is relatively easy to replace a broken section of pipeline that needs to be replaced, or it is relatively easy to disassemble the pipeline when changing the route.
Third, the flange has another important function, that is, when a certain section of the pipeline does not need to be connected, it needs to be blocked on site. At this time, the flange can be used to easily seal the pipeline and wait until it needs to be connected again. The stainless steel flange can be easily opened when in use, and the connecting pipeline can continue to be used.
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