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The price of pipe is still going down

In December, prices continued to fall, and stainless steel entered a state of continuous decline. Every day it seems that everyone is a bit accustomed to it. Today, the price of round steel is temporarily stable, but the price of pipe is still going down!

Today's seamless pipe market price, 304 continues to reduce 100 yuan / ton, 304 / 51-76 * 3-12mm reported at 16,200 yuan / ton, 316L is temporarily stable at 23200 yuan / ton, due to

The price drop this week is too large, the agent said that it should be taken slowly and then can't just chase the low price!

Stainless steel welded pipes are still sliding in the downward trajectory, today 304 is down 100, 316L is down 200!

Time flies fast, and many agents say that they are getting closer to the Spring Festival. The pressure on the agents is increasing day by day. Whether they are falling prices or waiting, everyone has their own calculations!

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