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The difference between stainless steel product pipe and decorative pipe
The difference between stainless steel product pipe and decorative pipe
Many people know that there is a difference between stainless steel product pipes and decorative pipes, but when it comes to the specific differences, everyone only knows that the price of product pipes is more expensive than decorative pipes, other than that. In fact, the price is different, but one of the differences between them. Next, I will walk with everyone. What are the differences between them?
01. Different raw materials
Stainless steel pipes have relatively high requirements for corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, and tensile strength. The materials are basically above 304, of course, 201, 202, and 301 are also used according to user requirements.
The choice of raw materials will determine its later processing performance, so the product pipes generally use raw materials with quality assurance. Decorative pipes do not have high requirements for raw materials. It is better to choose J1 material. The materials of 201 and 304 are mostly, and the 316 is relatively small.
2. Different quality requirements
The surface treatment, dimensional accuracy and processing performance of stainless steel pipes are more stringent than decorative pipes. Although both the product tube and the decorative tube are bright on the outside, the product tube is generally pickled on the surface, and some have internal and external polishing requirements.
In terms of dimensional accuracy, general product tubes generally require dimensional accuracy within ±0.05mm, and decorative tubes generally need to be within 0.1mm; due to the different selection of raw materials, the processing performance of product tubes is better than that of decorative tubes.
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