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The difference between stainless steel product pipe and decorative pipe
The difference between stainless steel product pipe and decorative pipe
Many people know that there is a difference between stainless steel product pipes and decorative pipes, but when it comes to the specific differences, everyone only knows that the price of product pipes is more expensive than decorative pipes, other than that. In fact, the price is different, but one of the differences between them. Next, I will walk with everyone. What are the differences between them?
3. The price is different
Since the quality and quality requirements of the product tube are higher than that of the decorative tube, the price is of course expensive. With the same specifications, the price of the product tube may be twice that of the decorative tube.
4. Different uses
Stainless steel product pipes are widely used in hardware products, furniture, mechanical structures, mechanical parts, precision medical equipment, pipelines for conveying fluids, such as furniture, machinery, medical oil, natural gas, water, gas, steam and other industries. The surface is very broad.
Stainless steel decorative pipes are generally only used for decorative purposes. The more common pipes used for home decoration and public facilities, such as anti-theft nets, gates, guardrails, fences, stair railings, etc., although the demand is also very large, but the products Compared with tubes, the scope is not so wide.
The above is the objective difference between the stainless steel product tube and the decorative tube. Due to the high production process conditions and quality requirements of the product tube, it can be said that the product tube pursues quality, while the decorative tube generally pursues quantity.
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