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Talking about the performance and use of stainless steel square tube
Talking about the performance and use of stainless steel square tube
Stainless steel square pipe is a hollow square section light thin-walled steel pipe, also known as steel refrigeration bending section. It is a section steel with square cross-section shape and size made of Q235 hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip or coil as the base material, which is formed by cold bending and then high-frequency welding. Good comprehensive mechanical properties, good weldability, cold and hot workability and corrosion resistance, and good low-temperature toughness.
Stainless steel square tube specifications: 10x10, 12x12, 15x15, 19×19, 20x20, 22×22, 25×25, 30×30, 35x35, 38×38, 50×50, 60x60, 70x70, 75×75, 80× 80, 100×100, 120×120, 150×150, 200x200.
Stainless steel square tube material standard: 300 series (301, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310S)
Standard length of stainless steel square pipe: standard length 6m, can be customized according to order requirements
Positive and negative tolerance of stainless steel square tube: outer diameter: ±0.2mm; thickness: ±0.05mm; length ±5mm
Stainless steel square tube surface treatment: wire drawing, frosted, polished, 8K, 6K, black titanium, rose gold, black titanium, sapphire blue, etching plating, vacuum plating, water plating.
Stainless steel square pipe production standards: ASTM A312, ASTM A554, GB/T12770, JIS G3446
Stainless steel square pipes are used in construction, machinery manufacturing, steel construction and other projects, shipbuilding, solar power generation brackets, steel structure engineering, power engineering, power plants, agricultural and chemical machinery, glass curtain walls, automobile chassis, airports, boiler construction, highway railings, Housing construction, pressure vessels, petroleum storage tanks, bridges, power station equipment, lifting and transportation machinery and other higher-load welded structural parts, etc.
Foshan stainless steel square pipe manufacturer Jinsuiying specializes in the production of 201/304 stainless steel square pipes. Welcome to call and order!
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