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Stainless steel pipes are not the harder the better
Stainless steel pipes are not the harder the better
Recently, when a customer brought a processing master to look at stainless steel, he touched the stainless steel tube. When he touched the stainless steel, he would say that it is relatively soft. Is it fake stainless steel?
This statement is definitely wrong. There are some low-quality stainless steel pipes on the market. Due to the high content of impurities such as carbon and sulfur, the hardness increases, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance decrease, and they are prone to rust. The softer stainless steel pipes of the same specifications are due to the high content of copper in the pipes, which improves the toughness and elongation of the pipes and maintains long-lasting gloss. They are the finest stainless steel pipes.
All Jinsuiying stainless steel pipes are made of genuine refining furnace stainless steel belts, with stable materials, exquisite products, and strong rust resistance. Please feel free to use them. Therefore, the harder the stainless steel pipe is, the better!
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