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Stainless steel elbow installation method
Stainless steel elbow installation method
1. When installing the stainless steel elbow, you can directly install the stainless steel elbow on the pipeline according to the connection method, and install it according to the position of use.
2. Under normal circumstances, it can be installed at any position in the pipeline, but it needs easy-to-operate inspection. Note that the medium flow direction of the cut-off stainless steel elbow should be upward from the vertical valve flap, and the stainless steel elbow can only be installed horizontally.
3. Pay attention to the tightness of the stainless steel elbow during installation to prevent leakage and affect the normal operation of the pipeline.
4. Stainless steel elbows play an important role and value in installation and use, and produce good use and operation in certain environments and media.
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