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Stainless steel decorative pipes forming process
Stainless steel decorative pipes are widely used. The most common ones in life are stair railings, railings, fences, window rails, screens, etc. Among them, stainless steel square pipes and stainless steel round pipes are used the most, and some handrails and railings also use special-shaped pipes.
Recently, many people want to know the forming process of 304 stainless steel decorative tube. Now, let me introduce the forming process of round tube, special-shaped tube and square/rectangular tube.
3. Stainless steel decorative square tube forming process
The forming process of the stainless steel square tube is similar to that of the stainless steel round tube. The difference is that the process of shaping and straightening is adjusted to a square tube through a square mold on the basis of the round tube, and the rectangular tube is also passed through a square mold on the basis of the round tube. Adjusted.
The specific process is: material rolling→material slitting→steel belt racking→rolling to warp both ends→steel belt close to the cavity of the mold and rolled into a certain arc→rolling into a circular shape→welding→weld bead grinding→shaping and straightening →Cutting→Forming a square tube.
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