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What is Welded Pipe?

Pipes have a wide scope of sizes in which with Power and Process piping, the manufacturers use standards constrained by associations like ASTM and ASME. Bound together Alloys promptly stocks different composites and grades in sizes up to 36" Nominal Pipe Size (NPS), which satisfy these standards.

The most familiar industry pipe sizes incorporates ¼" through to 12″ NPS and bigger sizes normally increment in 2″ additions from that point. The Nominal line size (NPS) relates to the line size by name just, as the real external measurement or O. D. is distinctive for the 12″ and under size range.

In pipe dimensions, within distance across diminishes as the as the divider thickness increments on all Nominal line sizes (NPS). The divider thicknesses are indicated as 'plans' which are covered inside the details of ASTM and ASME. Line is offered in 20' lengths, however can be provided in specific sizes in twofold irregular (+/ - 40') to meet certain task needs.

Welded pipe is made by taking a level plate which at that point is folded into a cylindrical shape and further welded to finish the structure.

Why Choose Welded Pipe?

  • The production cost of welded pipes is relatively low and the cost performance is high
  • The delivery timeof welded pipes is shorter, the price is affordable, and there won't be much fluctuation in the short term
  • The divider thickness of welded pipes is for the most part more steady
  • The inward surface of welded pipescan be checked before production, which ensure the efficiency and quality of manufacture

Foshan Jinsuiying Stainless Steel Material Co.,Ltd, a factory and specializes in the manufacture of stainless steel welded pipes including rectangle pipes, square pipes and round pipes with different sizes.

We have professional production line. Our 201, 304 and 361L stainless steel welded pipe meets and surpasses the present severe accreditations. They have a protection from consumption and keeps up strength at high temperatures.

We are your best stainless steel welded pipes supplier!

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