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Quality identification method of stainless steel welded pipe

Stainless steel is generally divided into chrome stainless steel and nickel stainless steel (only one of a variety of classifications) .The method of magnetic testing of stainless steel that we usually use is only applied to some stainless steels.In fact, the two are more or less magnetic, but they are inclusive. Chromium stainless steel is more magnetic than nickel-containing stainless steel. To put it bluntly, you can use magnets to attract chromium-containing stainless steel, which is very weak for nickel-containing stainless steel. If only for nickel-containing stainless steel, of course, the weaker the magnetic, the more nickel-containing. This method is also simple A commonly used method. This method can also easily identify the nickel content in 304 stainless steel pipes.

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