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Popular Science: What is brushed stainless steel pipe(2)?
Popular Science: What is brushed stainless steel pipe(2)?
Guangdong stainless steel pipe manufacturer Jinsuiying not only produces polished mirror-finished pipes, but can also process some specially treated pipes, such as brushed stainless steel pipes. Many people don't know about brushed stainless steel pipes. Today, the editor simply sorted out some common sense about brushed stainless steel pipes, hoping to be helpful to everyone.
1. The drawing direction of stainless steel pipe can be divided into round wire and straight wire. The round tube can be drawn with round wire or straight wire, but the flat tube or rectangular tube can only be drawn with straight wire.
2. The stainless steel pipe is drawn with the thickness of the grain so that the brightness can be selected between 80-240 mesh. Generally, the brightness of the stainless steel pipe surface is about 400 mesh when it is polished, and it becomes matte after drawing, and the corresponding mesh number is decreasing. The thicker the grain, the smaller the mesh number.
3. The thickness of stainless steel pipe drawing has certain requirements. The wire drawing is produced by using multiple sets of thousand impellers to rub the surface, so that the thousand impellers have a certain pressure on the surface of the stainless steel pipe. If the thickness is too thin, the stainless steel pipe will be deformed into an ellipse.
4. The wire drawing thickness of the stainless steel pipe is slightly reduced, and the weight of the corresponding stainless steel pipe is also slightly reduced. It should be noted that the weight of the wire drawn tube is calculated according to the polished tube when trading in the market.
5. The rust resistance of the stainless steel pipe after wire drawing is slightly reduced. Stainless steel pipe processing plants are generally not responsible for the rust of the drawn pipe, but it is not difficult to deal with the rust of the drawn pipe. Generally, it can be wiped with a brushed cloth.
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