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Popular Science: What is brushed stainless steel pipe?(1)
Popular Science: What is brushed stainless steel pipe?(1)
Guangdong stainless steel pipe manufacturer Jin Suiying not only produces polished mirror-finished pipes, but can also process some specially treated pipes, such as brushed stainless steel pipes. Many people don't know about brushed stainless steel pipes. Today, the editor has simply sorted out some common sense about brushed stainless steel pipes, hoping to be helpful to everyone.
In terms of processing technology, wire drawing is to make regular and uniform surface textures on the surface of the stainless steel tube. The general wire drawing patterns are: thin stripes and circles. In terms of movement, what the wire drawing process does on the equipment is repeated movement back and forth. In the production and manufacturing, the wire drawing adopts professional wire drawing process equipment.
Wire drawing (frosted): Generally, after the method of mechanical friction on the surface of stainless steel is processed, the surface state is straight lines (also called frosted), including wire drawing, uneven lines, and ripples.
Processing quality standard: the thickness of the texture is consistent and uniform. The texture on each side of the product is natural and beautiful according to the design and construction requirements. The product's bend is allowed to have a slight messy texture that does not affect the appearance.
(1) The lines formed by different types of sandpaper are different. The larger the model of sandpaper, the shallower the lines formed by the finer sand. On the contrary, the sandpaper
The smaller the model, the deeper the grain formed by the coarser sand. Therefore, the sandpaper model must be indicated on the engineering drawing.
(2) The drawing is directional: it must be marked on the engineering drawing whether it is a straight or horizontal drawing (indicated by a double arrow).
(3) The drawing surface of the drawing workpiece must not have any raised parts, otherwise the raised parts will be flattened.
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