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Points to note during the construction of stainless steel pipes
Points to note during the construction of stainless steel pipes
During the construction process of stainless steel pipes, care should be taken not to allow the highly corrosive magnetism and stone luxury cleaning drugs to touch the surface of 304 stainless steel pipes. If they are in contact, they should be washed immediately. After the construction is completed, neutral detergent and water should be used to wash the cement, fly ash, etc. attached to the surface.
In order to prevent scratches and adhesion of pollutants during construction, 304 stainless steel pipe construction is carried out in the film state. However, as time goes by, the residue of the paste will be in accordance with the life of the film. When removing the film after construction, the surface should be washed, and special stainless steel pipe tools should be used. Clean up.
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