Our History

Біздің компания, Foshan Jinsuiying тот баспайтын болаттан жасалған материалдар Co., Ltd, қаңтарда құрылды,2014. Бұл өз зауыты бар және тот баспайтын болаттан жасалған дәнекерленген құбырларды, соның ішінде тіктөртбұрыш құбырларын шығаруға маманданған компания, квадрат құбырлар және әртүрлі мөлшердегі дөңгелек құбырлар. Біздің компания құрылғаннан бері, біз тұтынушылар қанағаттандыратын өнімді шығаруға күш салдық.

As our products are of high quality and we possess advanced production technology, our company enjoys good reputation and have been awarded many certificates issued by authoritative industrial committees such as TUV, LRQAASTM,EU,т.б.

And in the past 15 years, we have attended many trade fairs like Canton Fair and established good business relations with lots of clients at home and abroad. If possible, we hope you can also be one of our clients that have long term business cooperation with us.


Our factory, which covers an area of 20 acres, is located at No.89,West Gaoming Avenue, Минченг қаласы, Гаомин ауданы, Foshan City, Гуандун провинциясы. There are more than 200 workers in our factory and it has perfect basic facilities with production workshops, office buildings, recreation areas and well-equipped living areas. And because our factory is equipped with many advanced production equipments, each month our factory can produce 5000 дейін 6000 tons of pipes.


We are a professional manufacturer that mainly produces stainless steel welded pipes 304 және 201 for the usage of construction and decoration. The pipes we produce are in different sizes and of various specifications. The section shapes of our pipes include rectangle, round and square. The thickness of pipes is within the range from 0.4-5.5mm and their specifications are as follows:OD8-325mm(round pipes);10*10-200*200мм(square pipes);20*10-200*100(rectangle pipes). Normally each of our pipes is 6meters long, but if you have special requirements, the length can be customized.


Our pipes are widely used in many fields for the usage of construction and decoration. For instance, they are used as handrail, flagpole, жиһаз, machine accessories and so on.



  • 40 continuous manufacturing line
  • 60 continuous manufacturing line
  • 80 continuous manufacturing line
  • 100continuous manufacturing line
  • Automatic argon arc welder
  • PAW welding machine
  • Bead roller
  • Polisher
  • Bright annealing furnace
  • Encoder
  • Dicing saw
  • Hydraulic machine
  • Airtight machine
  • Eddy current testing machine
  • Marking machine


We are a highly reputated professional stainless steel pipes manufacturer in Foshan stainless steel industry with over 15 years of experience. Our business network covers the domestic market and expands to foreign markets. The main markets of our company include India, Африка, Northern Europe, Оңтүстік-Шығыс Азия, South America etc. The company has strong production capacity, for which more than 4000 tons of pipes can be produced every month. Until 2019, the monthly sales volume has reached $ 450,000.


Comprehensive sales service, including pre-sale, in sale, and after sale services.

  • Pre-sale: Our sales staff will meet the requirements of customers with proper and prompt solution online within 24 сағат.
  • In sale: We will follow up the production progress for your orders and inform you of the latest production details. After the production is finished and we receive your balanceshipment will arranged in time and relevant documents for Customs clearance will provided to you.
  • After sale: After selling our products,if there is something wrong with the quality,we will do our best to solve the problem.