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Is 201 stainless steel tube suitable for display stand?

Nowadays, the display racks in many shopping malls are made of 201 stainless steel pipes. But some counters and display racks found rust in some places after using them for a period of time. Does that mean that 201 stainless steel tubes are not suitable for display racks?
Actually not! 201 stainless steel pipe can be used as exhibition equipment. There are many materials of stainless steel pipe on the market, such as 201, 304, etc. Although the material of 201 stainless steel pipe is not good, the advantage is that it is low in price. In comparison, it is more cost-effective, so many people use 201 stainless steel pipe. Production of display racks, etc.
Because the surface of the stainless steel display rack must be very bright, the surface finish generally needs to reach 600grits, or even higher 800grits. However, the surface finish of ordinary 201 stainless steel pipe is generally 400grits, so to achieve the finish required by the display rack, it must be polished. Some poor-quality 201 stainless steel pipes will have sand holes and blisters after polishing; and the anti-corrosion ability of 201 stainless steel pipes will be affected to a certain extent after the surface is processed, and rust may appear. 201 stainless steel pipe may not be enough, you need to use 304 stainless steel pipe or better, but general shopping malls, supermarkets can use 201 stainless steel, and it is necessary to choose the right manufacturer, because the good manufacturer does not matter whether it is 201 stainless steel pipe. Both the quality and the surface processing technology will be guaranteed.
Here we Foshan Jinsuiying Stainless Steel is a professional manufacturer of 201 stainless steel tubes for display racks. The pipe adopts a good steel belt, which guarantees the quality of the pipe from the source, and the exquisite processing technology, so you can avoid your worries. Welcome to call Jinsuiying 201 stainless steel pipe consultation hotline: +86-13690200006.
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