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How to remove the burrs of the stainless steel pipe?
How to remove the burrs of the stainless steel pipe?
The deburring methods of stainless steel pipes can be roughly divided into the following categories. They are actually very simple. These burrs are mainly due to the melting state of the current treatment during welding. After the pipe is pressed and stressed, excess metal or other chemicals will accumulate inside the pipe wall. Then burrs are formed. The removal methods can be roughly divided into the following categories:
  1. Scraper method: The device is equipped with a knife edge, which extends the pipe into the device to form a rotation, which can cut and scrape the burr, and the scraped burr is discharged from the hole.
  2. Rolling method: Through repeated gravity rolling, the burr properties become thinner and softer to achieve the ultimate removal effect.
  3. Oxidation method: When welding, a gas flow is introduced, and the residual heat in the stainless steel pipe is used to oxidize the burrs and fall by themselves.
  4. Hand pull method: For some small burrs, you can pull them out by hand without tools, but pay attention to the sharpness of the stainless steel tube to avoid cuts.
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