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How to get your ideal size of Foshan stainless steel decorative pipe fixed-length pipe

As a manufacturer of stainless steel decorative pipes in Foshan, customers often send inquiry online: How long your stainless steel pipes are and whether they can be made in custom sizes. Today, we will popularize it with everyone.
The conventional length of stainless steel pipe is 6meters ore 6.1meters. But it can also be a fixed length: the fixed length is a certain fixed length requested in the contract. Generally 3m-9m can be directly customized, and the positive and negative tolerance values can be specified in the contract for the fixed-length. The length tolerance of the stainless steel cut-to-length tube produced by Foshan Jinsuiying Stainless Steel is 0.5 cm according to the production requirements.
Here, Foshan stainless steel decorative pipe manufacturer Jinsuiying Stainless Steel wants to declare that since the production of stainless steel pipes requires debugging of production machines and requires many stainless steel pipe forming lengths, a deposit must be paid when signing the contract.
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