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How to correctly choose the material of stainless steel decorative tube in life?
How to correctly choose the material of stainless steel decorative tube in life?
Nowadays, stainless steel decorative pipes are used in many places, such as anti-theft windows, stairs, guardrails, gates, and many stainless steel furniture. So how to choose a better quality stainless steel decorative pipe? Many users will know something about stainless steel decorative pipes, such as what materials it has, and where it can be used. Today, the editor of Jinsuiying Stainless Steel will share with you how to choose the material of stainless steel pipes in life.
Let's start with our common stainless steel handrail raw materials. Generally, household stainless steel handrails can use 201 stainless steel decorative pipes. If you are in coastal areas, choose 304 stainless steel decorative pipes. After all, coastal areas are highly corrosive.
From the stainless steel anti-theft windows that some farmers’ houses like to use, generally customers who install anti-theft windows will add an awning, so don’t worry about being exposed to the rain, you can choose 201 stainless steel decorative pipe, if it is the anti-theft window outside the kitchen, choose 304 Material stainless steel decorative tube.
Finally, let’s talk about the stainless steel welded pipes that need to be processed, such as round bends. The tensile force of 304 stainless steel pipes is stronger than that of 201 stainless steel pipes. Some machines also choose to use 304 stainless steel pipes. There are also some difficult bending round processing options 304. The stainless steel welded pipe can reduce the damage to the stainless steel when it is rounded, and it will also make the user more assured and more secure.
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