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How much pressure can stainless steel water pipes withstand?
As a pipe for carrying and transporting fluid media, it has extremely high requirements for strong pressure resistance, so how much pressure can stainless steel water pipes withstand?
   The compressive resistance of stainless steel water pipes requires comprehensive consideration from two aspects.
  The first problem is its own material
According to the national standard CECS153-2003 Construction Water Supply Stainless Steel Water Pipeline Engineering Water Supply Regulations, the maximum working pressure of pressure-connected stainless steel water pipes is 1.6mpa (0.1mps=10 kg pressure), and the experimental pressure of hydraulic test pipes is 1.5 times the working pressure. The minimum value shall not be less than 0.6mps. The commonly used stainless steel water pipes of 304 or 316 materials meet the requirements of the national standard. Even the stainless steel water pipes with larger outer diameter and thicker wall have greater pressure-bearing capacity than the national standard, so the material can be guaranteed in terms of pressure-bearing capacity .
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