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How much do you know about the custom processing technology of stainless steel pipes?

Nowadays, in order to meet the needs of many customers, We, as a stainless steel pipe professional manufacturer, has been providing customized stainless steel pipe processing services. That is to say, now not only ordinary stainless steel pipes, but also customized processing according to customer needs.
In fact, there are many types of custom processing of stainless steel pipes. Next, let me introduce some of the custom processing techniques.
Surface Hairline/Satin treatment: is a surface treatment method that forms lines on the surface of the workpiece by grinding the product to achieve a decorative effect. Some customers may require manufacturers to perform surface drawing treatment on stainless steel pipes according to the use environment.
The brushed stainless steel pipe not only makes the surface feel frosted, but also has anti-corrosion effect, and incorporates some fashion and scientific elements. The hairline/satin process is mainly divided into straight hairline, chaotic hailine, corrugated hairline, spiral hairline and thread hariline. Mainly used in the field of architectural decoration.
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