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How much do you know about stainless steel oval tube/pipes?
How much do you know about stainless steel oval tube?
In addition to the more common stainless steel round tubes and rectangular tubes, there are also some stainless steel special-shaped tubes, usually fan-shaped, triangle-shaped, trough-shaped, elliptical, and so on. Among them, stainless steel oval pipes are more commonly used and are usually used in stainless steel projects.
Most of the stair handrail surface pipes in shopping malls are made of stainless steel oval pipes. These stainless steel oval tubes are generally purchased by engineering customers, so what are the details of the purchase process?
1. The elliptical tube is usually pressed by a round tube. Commonly used round tubes are 51 pressure 60*40, 63 pressure 80*40, 76 pressure 95*55. Choose the specifications to be used according to the size of the surface tube and the size of the elliptical elbow. , It should be noted here that the size pressed by the supplier must be tightly matched with the oval elbow, otherwise it cannot be welded.
2. The thickness should be appropriate. Stainless steel pipes that are too thin cannot be pressed out and are easily deformed. The pipe pressure for too thick pipes will be much higher. Generally, the pressure pipe cost of 1.9 solid thickness and above will be doubled, so when making a budget pay attention.
3. The selected supplier's technology must pass the barrier, that is, the extruded tube must be straight, not straight and cannot be welded.
Stainless steel oval tubes have strong plasticity. In addition to commonly used oval tubes and flat oval tubes, various special-shaped tubes can be customized according to customer needs, such as stainless steel single-slot oval tubes, stainless steel double-slot oval tubes, etc., in order to meet customer needs Claim.
Regarding the basic characteristics of the stainless steel oval tube, its manufacturing process is relatively sophisticated, and it has good adaptability to various harsh environments. Therefore, it is mostly used in various engineering buildings, and its texture is firm and stable. It is relatively hot in the market.
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