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How is the stainless steel decorative tube polished?
Many people prefer stainless steel decorative tubes with a brighter surface when they buy stainless steel decorative tubes. As everyone knows, the brightness of stainless steel tubes can only be achieved by polishing. How is the stainless steel decorative tube polished?
Polishing method of stainless steel decorative pipes:
Chemical polishing
(1) Advantages: low investment, complex parts can be thrown away, fast speed, high efficiency, and good corrosion resistance;
(2) Disadvantages: poor brightness, gas overflow, ventilation equipment, difficult and complicated parts to heat, and products with low brightness requirements for small parts, and small batch products are more cost-effective to process.
Mechanical polishing:
(1): Advantages: The stainless steel decorative pipe has good leveling and bright;
(2): Disadvantages: high labor intensity, serious pollution, complicated and unable to be processed, reduced gloss, easy to rust, high investment and cost, simple parts, small and medium products, gloss can not be consistent, gloss persistence for a long time, stuffy, rusty .
Electrochemical polishing:
(1): Advantages: long-lasting mirror gloss, stable process, less pollution, low interest, good corrosion resistance, high pollution prevention;
(2): Disadvantages: one-time investment is large, complex parts require tooling, auxiliary electrodes, mass production requires cooling facilities, high-end products, imported products, products with tolerances, stable process, mass production, easy operation and control, and it is worthy of popularization.
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