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Features of stainless steel thick tube and stainless steel thin tube
Features of stainless steel thick tube and stainless steel thin tube
Features of thick stainless steel pipe:
1. The outer diameter is smaller.
2. High precision can be used for small batch production.
3. The cold-drawn finished product has high precision and good surface quality.
4. The horizontal area of the steel pipe is more complicated.
5. The performance of the steel pipe is superior, and the metal is denser.
Features of thin stainless steel tube:
1. The inner wall is smooth and clean, no scaling, and low water resistance.
2. Good hygienic performance, fully meets the standard requirements of drinking water.
3. No rust, corrosion resistance, no pollution profile that produces "hidden water".
4. Good insulation performance: The thermal resistance of stainless steel is 25 times that of copper pipes and 4 times that of carbon steel pipes. When stainless steel is used as hot water pipe, the heat loss of stainless steel is very small, which is especially suitable for hot water transportation.
5. Due to the superior corrosion resistance of stainless steel materials, the service life of stainless steel pipes is almost the same as that of buildings, even up to 100 years, which greatly saves maintenance and renewal costs.
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