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Detailed analysis of 316l stainless steel pipe installation technology


Due to its many advantages, 316l stainless steel tube has become a popular material on the market.

1. According to the factors such as groove soil, groundwater, slotted section and load conditions, it is required to be firm and reliable, and to prevent collapse and support from obstructing the down pipe and the steady pipe.

2. The T-type interface pipe shall be provided with buttresses in the vertical or horizontal direction. The size of the buttress should be determined according to factors such as pipe diameter, corner angle and working pressure.

3. After the pipeline is installed and tested, it is best to use low chloride ion water rinse and 0.03% potassium permanganate disinfection.

4, stainless steel outer anti-corrosion coating should be based on the soil conditions of the pipe to choose galvanized and epoxy asphalt coating or higher requirements coating.

5. As long as it is a stainless steel wire connected to the socket, it is necessary to calculate the pier.

6. When transporting drinking water, the pipeline should not pass through the poisonous contaminated area. If it needs to pass through, it should take protective measures.

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