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Can 304 stainless steel pipe be able to transport gas? Really?

Mention of stainless steel pipes is usually considered as a kind of water pipeline, but in fact, stainless steel pipes have many uses. They can be used not only as stainless steel water pipes, but also as gas transportation. They are called stainless steel gas pipes.
Compared with water pipes, gas pipes More attention has been paid, because once the gas pipe installation has a problem, it is easy to cause gas leakage. Nowadays, galvanized pipes are commonly used in gas pipelines in many small and medium-sized cities to transport gas. Galvanized pipes are widely welcomed by gas company construction units because of their low prices.
However, in the face of time, galvanized pipes are not resistant to corrosion and easy to leak. There are many crises hidden in the shortcomings. Strict anti-corrosion and overhaul every few years will undoubtedly increase operating costs, and stainless steel pipes just eliminate such troubles. , Has received widespread attention from the public.
1. The connection is safe and reliable without leakage
Stainless steel gas pipes, as we all know, the most difficult to solve is the installation and connection method. The double ring pressure connection is a re-optimized structure based on the original ring pressure pipe fittings. The size of the sealing sleeve is increased, and two more are added to the original ring pressure. Sealing surface, a total of 4 sealing surfaces, to avoid hollowing of the sealing section, good sealing performance, more scientific, firmer, and durable. Compared with the previous ring compression type drawing force has doubled.
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