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Tub d'acer inoxidable – 304. 304 Tub d'acer inoxidable és ideal per a totes les aplicacions estructurals on es requereix una major força i resistència a la corrosió.

Foshan Jinsuiying Material Acer inoxidable Co,.Ltd

La nostra companyia, Foshan Jinsuiying acer inoxidable Material Co, Ltd, va ser establert al gener,2014.

És una empresa que té pròpia fàbrica i s'especialitza en la fabricació d'acer inoxidable tubs amb costura incloent canonades rectangle, tubs quadrats i els tubs rodons amb diferents mides. Des de la creació de la nostra empresa, hem estat fent esforços per produir els productes que els clients satisfets amb.

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De tot Bars, canonada, Tub & Plaques. Contacti amb nosaltres avui! Contactar amb nosaltres per a una cotització.

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Totally 4 containers which are full of different sizes of 201&304 stainless steel round/square/rectangular pipes were loaded and ready to send to Russia these two days. Thanks for one of our valued customer’s continued supporting. We hope we will have the positive business relationship in this new year! Welcome to visit us and send the inquiry!

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How much pressure can stainless steel water pipes withstand?

As a pipe for carrying and transporting fluid media, it has extremely high requirements for strong pressure resistance, so how much pressure can stainless steel water pipes withstand? The compressive resistance of stainless steel water pipes requires comprehensive consideration from two aspects. The second is the wall thickness of the water pipe itself. This is also the most important point. The larger the wall thickness, the better the pressure resistance. Generally speaking, the relationship between the pressure-bearing capacity of stainless steel water pipes and the outer diameter and thickness of the pipe is: the pressure that the stainless steel water pipe can bear is negatively related to the outer diameter of the pipe. For a pipe with the same thickness, the larger the outer diameter of the pipe, the more pressure it can bear. Low; the pressure that a stainless steel water pipe can bear is positively related to the thickness of the pipe. For pipes of the same outer diameter, the thicker the pipe thickness, the greater the pressure; the larger the outer diameter of the same series, the thicker the thickness; the greater the pressure bearing capacity Strong. A més, for the specific value of the pressure bearing capacity, we can accurately know it through calculations. The editor will not elaborate here. Generally speaking, the calculation of the

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