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Application knowledge of stainless steel pipe
With the rapid development of the stainless steel pipe industry, it is becoming more and more common in applications. In the following few days, I will introduce you to the 5 major application areas of stainless steel pipes to help you understand more about the uses of stainless steel pipes.
1. Architectural decoration
The field of architectural decoration is the most common. Think of our own anti-theft windows and stair handrails.
Most of the previous stair handrails are made of wood. Now stainless steel pipes can be used instead. Like the anti-theft windows, they were made of iron. Now it can also be replaced with stainless steel, and there are stainless steel gates.
Have you seen that? There are still colored stainless steel gates.
Stainless steel tubes can also be plated and made into colored stainless steel tubes. There is really everything you want. Can also be customized.
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