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What is the length of the stainless steel pipe?
Recently someone asked about the length of the stainless steel pipe. Was this still a problem at first? But think about it carefully, in fact, the length of stainless steel pipes should be divided into three categories.
1.Regular length of stainless steel pipe.
Basically, all the stainless steel pipe manufacturers have a certain length of pipes, most of which are 6 meters long. This length also takes into account the transportation problem.
2.The length of the stainless steel colored tube.
Previously, because the length of ordinary stainless steel tubes was 6 meters, color stainless steel tubes were also made into 6 meters, but the molds of titanium plating plants that do vacuum plating technology are mostly less than 6 meters, maybe 3 or 4 meters, so they are made The 6-meter modification of the mold increases the cost, and the price will naturally be higher. The cost of the titanium plating itself is higher than the price of the pipe itself, so the length of the stock colored stainless steel pipe is basically 4 meters.
3.Stainless steel custom pipe length.
Since stainless steel pipes are often used as decorative pipes for anti-theft windows, stairs, guardrails, hanging rods and other products, customers will directly order customized lengths, such as 5.8 meters and 3.66 meters. These customized pipes are directly fixed lengths. It is produced with the length of conventional pipes.
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